ABC's of Nuclear Science

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), a  U.S. Department of Energy's National Laboratory, has content regarding nuclear physics (atomic structure, etc) and are free to anyone  for non-commercial, scientific and educational purposes.

About Rainbows    

Information about rainbows. 

The Andean Botanical Information System

Information about the flowering plants (phanerogams) of Andean South America.

Animals of the Rainforest

Lots of information about animals of the rain forrest aimed at Middle School students

Annenberg Journey North

Journey North engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. For K-12 students



NRDC an environmental action organization seeks to protect the planet's wildlife global warming on Antarctica.

Ask an Expert connects you with hundreds of  real world experts, ranging from astronauts to zookeepers. These experts have volunteered to answer your questions for free!


The Community Learning Network, a site designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into the classroom. Here you’ll find over 5,800 annotated links to educational sites

Ask Dr. Universe

Washington State University’s Dr. Universe can be your access to university research.


Astronomy for children, students, and kids of all ages. A free astronomy resource designed to teach children about the exciting world of outer space.

The Natural Science Pages

This site is a journey through the wonders of natural science using animation and interaction to enhance the experience


Chemistry explained to kids


Detailed site of structure and function of the ear and hearing.

University of California Museum of Paleontology


The goal of the University of California Museum of Paleontology is to investigate and promote the understanding of the history of life and the diversity of the Earth's biota through research and education.

Tutorial on Balancing Chemical Equations

Ohio State University gives you a tutorial on balancing chemical equations

 Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Free resources for teachers and students – virtual labs, animations and more 

Biology 4 Kids      

It's not just biology for kids, it's for everyone. We have information on cell structure, cell function, scientific studies, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, and other life science top

Biology Online is the World's No.1 free resource for biology related information run by enthusiasts from all around the world

Boston Museum

Online access to the Boston Museum of Science with virtual visits and more

Butterfly Cam AMNY

The American Museum of Natural History offers lots of information about butterflies including movies and web cams

Caltech's Information Page on Rainforests

Caltech provides  facts and information regarding rain forests 

Cell biology animations

Cell biology animations are available on this site 

Cells Alive   

Here are great animated resources about cells

Chemistry from Education Index

Chemistry resources abound on this site

Collaborative Projects – From CIES

The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education allows students to join experimental projects. 

Cool Images from Why Science

Images from the Archives of University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Science Department.

Desert Life

Good resources and information about desert animals, plants etc 


Lesson Plans on Human Body, Plants, Animals, Genetics and more. Valuable links are provided.

Earth Science Explorer

 A virtual museum display with information about earth science

Electric Heart

The physiology of the human heart is presented on the site 

Enchanted Learning Biomes

It offers  information about biomes

Enchanted Learning 

Find resources about oceans, rainforests, dinosaurs and more.


Find out how energy is made from all different types of sources


The EPA provides information about Conservation, Ecosystems, Waste Recycling,  Human Health, etc

How things work from


Evolutionary thought is presented


Links to science websites

Explore Science

Science based interactive activities

Federal Resources for Education

Links arranged by topic


Frog dissection

Virtual frog dissections

Fun Science

Useful experiments are presented on this site

Geo Mysteries

Earth science is the focus of this site

Get Smarter

Great animations and testing help students build their skills in science 

Chem Tutor


Great chemistry resources  




Horizon Solutions

The purpose of the site is to provide a forum for the presentation of solutions to vital concerns in the areas of health, population, development and the environment.

How Stuff Works

Gives you an explanation of how things you see and use work.

How things work

A physics site about how things work 

Human Anatomy

The human body is presented for study on this site

The Visible Embryo

The Visible Embryo is a visual guide through fetal development from fertilization through pregnancy to birth.

Human Genome Project

The human genome is the subject of this website


Identifying Flowers and Plants   

Information about Identifying Plants and Flowers 

Illusion Works

A collection of collection of optical and sensory illusions

Internet Public Library

A wealth if information for students and adults